Negroes Latinos And Native American Indians Are The Real Hebrew Israelites By Heritage And Bloodlines!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how many different theories there are in regards to what happened to the lost tribes of Israel. The so-called Negro has been in America longer than any other minority except the so-called Indians, who are the true founders or this land, yet he is in the lowest state of all, not because of his incapability to learn and succeed, as few have despite the adversities, but because of this curse which has come upon him by Yahweh.

In modern Hebrew , b'nei yisrael ("children of Israel") can denote the Jewish people at any time in history; it is typically used to emphasize Jewish ethnic identity. If you ask about the history of their religion, the Israelites invariably respond to a different question.

Equally hated are "fraudulent" Jews, "the synagogue of Satan." They're closely followed in no particular order by Asians, promiscuous black women, abortionists, continental Africans (who, according to the extremist Israelites, sold the lost tribes of Israel, who were black, to European slave traders), and gay people, who according to extremist Israelites should all be put to death.

Israel is mentioned in the bible over 2,500 times. Many people may say that the Jews are back in Israel(1948) just as scripture says, but there is absolute proof that those that call themselves Israelis or Jews are imposters. Israelites did not exist 3200 years ago.

Zanj is populated by Bantu people as well, of course, therefore making them also Israelites. It would be a prosperous nation, and be called Jacob, i.e. Israel, and this great prosperous nation and it's people would honor God. Yes, it is true that many in the covenant people are accursed and cut off from Christ, and yes it is true that God chose Israel and made a covenant with her and gave her promises, but, no, it is not true that the word of God has failed.

Columbus discovered America in 1492, and he was a true Israelite. Maybe, just maybe, the Israelis of today are the true descendants of the ancient Israelites. If, in our search for the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, we know what type or what kind of people to look for, then we are much more likely to succeed in our difficult task of finding these long-lost tribes.

To the Hebrew Israelites credit, they generally do not advocate violence even though they do use profanity and are very aggressive in their evangelistic methods. True Israelites are waking up worldwide and its time for YOU to see what has been hidden from you.

The term, "so-called", is used because in ancient times people were not classified by skin color but by tribe and nation. It is also not the system of Worship practiced by the Israelites in the 40 years before the "Christian" era. During this time period "Black" Egyptians enslaved "Black" Israelites.

More than 1,000 men and women gathered this past week in coastal Virginia to celebrate Passover and retell the ancient story of how Moses led the Israelites from bondage to freedom. We know that the Israelites, according to the bible, lived in the land of egypt for a few generations before the famous Exodus under Moses' leadership.

The Church of God and Saints of Christ is one deuteronomy curses of the most important religious bodies in America that few people have ever heard of,” said Jacob Dorman, professor of history at the University of Kansas and author of Chosen People: The Rise of American Black Israelite Religions.

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