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Hanwha was established in 1953, and since then developed its core business in industrial machinery manufacturing, producing factory automation system and machine tools. (1366”) today announced that they have entered into a supply agreement in which 1366 will supply up to 700 MW of wafers using 1366's proprietary Direct Wafer technology to Hanwha Q CELLS over a 5-year period. Among other things, the quotations from management in this press release and the Company's operations and business outlook, contain forward-looking statements.

In his dual roles as the Asia Pacific Lead - Gas & Power markets and the Regional Manager - South & Southeast Asia, Ashish Sethia manages Bloomberg New Energy Finance's efforts in the region with a focus on helping his clients optimise financial returns and minimise risks.

His recent books include The Palgrave Handbook of the International Political Economy of Energy (2016); Energising India: Towards a Resilient and Equitable Energy System (SAGE, 2016); Human Development and Global Institutions (Routledge, 2016); and Climate Change: A Risk Assessment (FCO, 2015).

It entered the defense industry early on, using its extensive industrial experience and expertise and has invested in research and development in a variety of areas ranging from munitions to advanced technology precision guided weapons. 2009.03 to 2016.12, worked in Hanwha Qcells(Qidong) CO., LTD, Module R&D Assistant Manager, In charge of new materials development & research, new module project development, CTM improvement etc.

(NASDAQ:HQCL) is a global leading photovoltaic manufacturer of high-performance, high-quality solar cells and modules. Our continuous research has enabled us to develop particular skills in the field of renewable energy sources, particularly in the field of solar energy.

Daanish has over 12 years of experience in business consulting & corporate finance in renewable energy, power, & hanwha infrastructure sectors. All showcased Q CELLS solar products will feature Hanwha Q CELLS´ proprietary Q.ANTUM Technology as their engine for achieving high energy yields and low levelized costs of electricity (LCOE) in real life conditions.

The constant success of Hanwha Q CELLS in the Japanese solar market is based on the superior performance and quality of its Engineered-in-Germany” solar products and on Hanwha Q CELLS Japan's high versatility to flexibly adapt to the unique and dynamic market conditions of Japan.

At German Development Cooperation (GIZ) India he works with the rooftop solar energy team as a technical expert. He speaks extensively on various national and global platforms and has authored many research papers and articles on subjects related to solar PV technology covering various domains viz.

Hanwha Q CELLS featured a presentation at the R&D conference 'Silicon PV' in Germany in April, showing that LeTID does not only appear on multicrystalline materials, but can also significantly reduce the energy yield of monocrystalline PERC solar cells in early operation stages.

In the energy sector, Hanwha Q CELLS is now the number one solar cell manufacturer in the world. TQ.ANTUM is the proprietary solar cell technology platform of Hanwha Q CELLS. Outside his solar experience, Santosh has been involved in diverse business segments from float glass, engineering products to infrastructure.

Chiefly responsible for policy analysis, energy forecasts, valuations, primary data collection and market updates he has regularly been involved in consultancy projects with global power producers, technology providers, non-governmental organizations, multilateral agencies and more.

Together, they result in solar modules with significantly more power in a variety of conditions, including low-light in the morning and evening hours or in cloudy weather and at high temperatures in the summer. He has extensive experience in developing projects, leading business units in multiple sectors including water, waste water, urban infrastructure and renewable energy.

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